My Story

My first encounter with Scentsy was about 3 years ago when my mother-in-law, Dusty, and I were invited to a Scentsy party. At the time, we were packing up my in-law's house because they were moving the following weekend. Dusty said that we wouldn't stay long, just make an appearance, and leave the party. Two Perfect Full-Size Scentsy packages and three hours later, we were officially addicted to Scentsy. We learned how practical and cost effective the burners were in comparison to candles, Bath & Body Works plug-ins, and other types of scented oils. The consultant also explained that harmful soot, dyes, and waxes do not burn into the air unlike other fragrance products. We also loved the stylish designs that Scentsy offered to use as decoration pieces throughout our houses. Last but definitely not least, we had a wonderful time! It was great to hang out with friends chatting about the things we enjoy, while smelling the amazing scents Scentsy offers in their variety of products. Unfortunately, I lost contact with that consultant and could not restock my Scentsy products with her; however, I soon found out my new neighbor was a Scentsy consultant! After much debate, I decided a wanted to host my own party to earn free product and host rewards, and I am so glad I did. I realized that becoming a Scentsy consultant and selling the products I love so much was my passion, and I wanted to share my passion with the world (or at least my area or the United States... :D). After coming home from a long day at my full-time job very stressed out and exhausted, I am so eager to work on samples, brochures, and coming up with new ideas for my fast growing Scentsy business. I have only been doing this for two months now, and am proud to say I have two recruits that have the same enthusiasm and passion for Scentsy that I do!<!--endbody-->